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Thursday, April 10, 2014

York County's Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Initiative

Efforts currently under way include compiling a list of potential stormwater management projects for consideration by the York County Coalition for Clean Waters and creating a financial formula for municipal cost sharing in a county-wide funding pool.

The Center for Watershed Protection’s Bryan Seipp is assisting the York County Planning Commission with compiling a list of potential projects from the participating MS4 communities (34). Projects are being proposed by the local MS4 communities based upon the recommended best management practices providing the greatest pollutant reduction for each dollar invested.

Once completed, then the Coalition for Clean Waters will convene to review the list, set priorities for implementation, and select one or more demonstration projects. MS4 communities will be able to include the list of projects in their Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan required by their state MS4 permit.

At this point, participating MS4 communities will be asked to opt-in or opt-out of the Coalition. Those Communities opting in to the Coalition will be asked to contribute financially based upon finance formula under development. The purpose of the financial commitment is collective cost sharing and county-wide pollutant reduction benefits and credits.

The Coalition believes working together for clean water is engaging, fair and will produce the reasonable assurances of progress towards Chesapeake Bay pollutant reductions needed in York County to help Pennsylvania meet its Watershed Implementation Plan goals by 2025.

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