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Thursday, June 30, 2011


June happenings from around the Bay watershed -

06/17/2011 Chessie Mystery Solved, It Is a Big Algae Mat, Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch View Clip

06/17/2011 Reel Report: Spot fishing is anything but spotty, The Gazette Online View Clip

06/18/2011 Coastal Bays Receive 'C' Grade, WBOC-TV – Online View Clip

06/18/2011 Watershed Stewards Academy seeks eco-conscious residents, The Capital Online View Clip

06/19/2011 Chesapeake Crab Population Continues Recovery, Heartland Institute View Clip

06/19/2011 Young oysters flourishing in local 'ranches', The Star Democrat Online View Clip

06/20/2011 Online Guide Helps Homeowners Choose Chesapeake Bay Native Plants, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

06/20/2011 Going to the goats, Southern Maryland Newspapers Online, View Clip

06/24/2011 Cutting Bay funding will cost more in the long run, The Express Online View Clip

06/24/2011 Lessons in ecology - and life - on the Bay, Baltimore Sun – Online View Clip

06/27/2011 VA to host meeting on Chesapeake Bay issues, WTVR-TV – Online View Clip

06/27/2011 Disease-resistant oysters call for shift in Bay restoration strategies, e! Science News View Clip

06/27/2011 Our Winter of Discontent, Salt Water Sportsman – Online View Clip

06/27/2011 Near-record runoff washes salt from Upper Chesapeake, Baltimore Sun - Online View Clip

06/27/2011 Upper Chesapeake Bay sees low salinity levels, AllVoices View Clip

06/28/2011 What is so Critical about the Critical Area? Pasadena Patch View Clip

6/28/11 Home builders group sues EPA over new Chesapeake Bay pollution regulations, Penn Live Online

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When it rains, it pours

6/3/11 PA DEP Challenges EPA's Approach To Chesapeake Bay Stormwater Regulation
In a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on May 26, the PA Department of Environmental Protection expressed concerns about EPA's approach requiring stormwater controls in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, saying the $5.3 billion estimated cost is "extraordinary" given stormwater's contribution of only 6 percent of the nutrient load to the Bay.
Press Release

Monday, June 13, 2011

Headlines from Around the Bay

06/06/2011 More than just blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay WTOP-FM View Clip

06/03/2011 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Farms WRC-TV – Online View Clip

06/03/2011 Do Chesapeake Bay blue crabs need oysters? Daily Press - Online,The View Clip

06/03/2011 Maryland blue crab population rebounding View Clip

060111 For the Bay: Precision Feeding now Extends to Beef Cattle in PA Gant Daily

06/01/2011 Bay's health took a turn for the worse in 2010 Bay Journal – Online View Clip

06/01/2011 Report says tracking of Bay cleanup efforts needs to be improved Bay Journal – Online View Clip

06/01/2011 We need to see the Chesapeake beyond its water quality issues Bay Journal – Online View Clip

05/31/2011 Innovative Seed Treatment May Help Save Chesapeake Bay Grasses Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch View Clip

05/27/11 Water stewards of the future Evening Sun

05/27/2011 Save the bay even though it makes state look weird Baltimore Sun – Online View Clip

05/25/2011 Chesapeake Bay Foundation fighting back in court Daily Record - Online, The View Clip

05/25/2011 Green groups seek to defend Bay pollution diet B'More Green View Clip

05/19/2011 Young scientists out to save the bay: lives Projects carry two to international contest Southern Maryland Newspapers Online View Clip

05/18/2011 Cheseapke's health depends on weather WJLA-TV – Online View Clip

05/17/2011 How weather affects the health of the Chesapeake Bay WJLA-TV View Clip

05/11/2011 Chesapeake crab assessment expected this summer, review and dredge survey to guide harvest Daily Press - Online, The View Clip

05/10/2011 More bay woes: Pollution high, stream health poor Capital - Online, The View Clip

05/09/2011 Still not serious about bay clean-up Baltimore Sun View Clip

05/07/2011 Closing the bay stewardship gap Capital - Online, The View Clip

05/07/2011 Our Bay: Plant trees, shrubs, perennials to help the bay Capital - Online, The View Clip

05/07/2011 Smithsonian builds new lab Capital - Online, The View Clip

05/06/2011 State lawmakers seek federal Bay cleanup help B'More Green View Clip

05/05/2011 A restored Bay is more than just clean water Bay Journal – Online View Clip

05/05/2011 Report: Federal bay cleanup plan needs tightening Capital - Online, The View Clip

04/30/2011 Report: Chesapeake Bay plan price tag $10 billion View Clip

04/28/2011 Are We Prepared to Live with a Healthy Bay? Greater Annapolis Patch View Clip

04/28/2011 Lawmakers urge renewal of Chesapeake Bay Program Washington Examiner View Clip

04/27/2011 Chesapeake Bay health declines a bit last year Baltimore Sun – Online View Clip